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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine if we’re a good fit for each other, we need to know the specific date you’re interested in, the number of guests you expect, and the preferred room layout. Without this information, we can’t confirm availability because it depends on prior bookings, room size requirements, and layout feasibility – and we have four different rooms of varying sizes, not just one like many community halls. Providing these details enables us to offer the best room configuration to meet your needs, ensuring a smooth booking process and a successful event for you and your guests.

To get an idea of whether our rooms might work for you, or to keep our information on file if you are an event planner, please download our full PDF Capacity Guide.

To find out about our availability please call or email us – and have your preferred date(s) and guest count ready.

No. We are very sorry, but unfortunately as we are an experienced, full-service catering facility we cannot allow any outside food with the only exception being for wedding cake.

The costs for booking the hall include room rental fees, food costs if catering is required, fees for any additional rental items such as audiovisual equipment, our staffing fees and our service fees, and applicable taxes. 

In the event industry a lot of places will hit you with costs you didn’t even know about – we try very hard not to have any surprises.

We know that these costs are important to consider when planning your event budget, as they contribute to the overall expense of hosting an event at our venue – but it’s much easier to explain by email or over the phone because the real answer is always “it depends.” Please contact us.

  • All our prices are subject to a 5% GST charge
  • All food and rentals are subject to a 15% service charge, or Gratuity. This goes towards paying our staff fair wages. This fee is not negotiable.

While we do have many other rental items at additional fees, standard white tablecloths, paper dinner napkins, chairs, tables and all room and dinnerware setup is included in the Room Fee.

We require a $1000 deposit. Depending on your situation, a deposit can be:

  • Left on file with us for future events (ideal for many organizations)
  • Refunded after your event is over, less any damages or unpaid fees
  • Folded into your event cost, if your payment is after the event

We rent our rooms for the day. Requests to decorate in advance may be free of charge if we are not booked, but we cannot guarantee that space will be available – however many of our guests do end up taking that chance and the majority of bookings are able to set up in advance.

We do need to make sure staff is on site while you set up, so during regular business hours on weekdays between 9am-5pm you can be on site for setup – outside those hours, we may have to charge a service fee or make special arrangements.

To guarantee that you will be able to use the room in advance for setup you will need to rent the room for the previous day if it is available, at our non-banquet service rates – and this option is only available for weekdays. We cannot rent weekend days for setup.

The following are available, but for an additional fee.

  • Use of our microphones and audio equipment is subject to rental fees – using one podium with a basic attached microphone is free in most of our rooms, however.
  • Use of our projector and screen sets in any of our rooms does incur a rental fee
  • Cloth napkins, whether white or coloured are available
  • Coloured cloth tablecloths, and longer white or black tablecloths are available
  • 2 Modern and 2 Rustic Easels are available
  • Flipcharts are available
  • A large cloth sheer white lit wedding backdrop is available


  • No matter what kind of alcohol you sell at your event, if there is alcohol being sold you must pay for at least one of our ProServe licensed and experienced bartenders on site to serve.
  • Glass wine glasses and champagne glasses can be put on tables for wine and bubbly that is placed on tables, but for bar service only disposable glasses are available for other drinks at events in Kingsway, Conference Centre, and the Ballroom. When possible, our drinkware is compostable.



We cater to all our events, which means we provide all the non-alcoholic beverages you could need. This includes tea, coffee, punch, pop, juice, and other options. Please see our Menus for details.



  • If we host your bar (our license, our liquor), there is a reasonable minimum bar sale. The difference between what the bar sells and that number, if it sells less is what you pay us.




  • If you just want to bring your own wine for the tables, there is a per-person charge.  If this is the only alcohol provided, no bartender is required.


One of our most beloved options. At the Polish Hall, you may curate a custom bar to suit your event.

  • If you want to bring all your own alcohol to sell for a fully custom bar, there is a per-person charge for this.
  • This fee includes our fresh lemons and limes, orange and cranberry juice, as well as our full selection of pop: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, and Tonic.
  • You MUST provide your own ALGC license
  • You MUST provide ALL your own alcohol. We cannot provide alcohol to you if you run out.
  • You may choose to pick up your empties, or donate them to our staff fund 
  • If we have another event the following day, you must take all your unfinished alcohol with you the night of the event, but if not, pickup the following day is fine. We will of course discuss this with you in advance.

Our kitchen is experienced and well-equipped to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions and allergies. From gluten-free to vegan, nuts to fish – we safely prepare alternate plates for your guests, and our serving team checks in to ensure that they receive their food quickly and steaming hot! Please ask your guests to provide their dietary needs to you and pass them along to us – if you have assigned seating, please let us know which table they’ll be at.

Unfortunately we cannot supply halal or kosher meals – either individually or for an entire group.

Helpful Documents

More Questions?

This FAQ is a work in progress – and we have a PDF version with a lot more information for clients who get in touch with us. Please talk to us and we’ll see if we’re a great fit for each other!